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Chiropractic prevents surgery

The results of a recent study show that seeing a chiropractor reduces the chance of having surgery for low back pain.

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About Therapy Solutions

Therapy Solutions Chiropractic of Dana Point is the choice of thousands to get them back to what they enjoy most. Eliminating pain and improving your performance is our primary goal. We do this through a unique combination of techniques including chiropractic, nutrition, laser, and personal injury care.

Whether you have shoulder pain keeping you from hitting the tennis ball, back pain halting your golf game or neck pain and headaches from sitting at your computer, we are ready to help.

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Ray P.

Other chiropractors irritate me with their obvious marketing and profit driven medical care.

Dr. Bouwhuis and Therapy Solutions is different.

I went in off a groupon for an exam and hour massage.  It was about $29. I figured I'd get the massage and maybe the doc could shed some light on why my arm wouldn't move.  I ended up going for 12 visits. The doctor diagnosed my pain as "frozen shoulder syndrome" right away.

I did go to another chiropractor for a second opinion (and cheap massage deal). That business took hours of watching videos about how great chiropractic is, tests, x-rays, a lecture.  They did not mention frozen shoulder.  Finally when I did get my adjustment, the doctor said, "oh, you have frozen shoulder syndrome?"

When I asked the second doctor what visiting their clinic would cost, they refused to tell me until after I committed to using them.  Maybe they should be committed.

Well, this was supposed to be a nice cheerful comment on Therapy Solutions. I guess the point is, if you have little patients for the usual chiropractic mill, this is the place for you.

Oh, and the "cheap" massage at Therapy Solutions was HEAVENLY.

Laura Lynn

I came to this office in April (2013) on a groupon offer and expected to get a quick adjustment and a quick back rub, nothing special.  I was amazed at how thorough and knowledgeable Dr. Bouwhuis was. He did a manual adjustment and myofacial release and I was amazed how much better I could move. Then I went in for a massage with Deb and was treated to a full body massage. It was the best massage I had ever had! She has very strong hands and worked out all the knots. I have not felt this good in years and I'm so thankful I tried this office. I go back regularly now and am thrilled with the results.

Beth C.

Dr B is the best. He didn't give up on my treatment when I was consistently in pain.  He researched, consulted other medical professionals, and really helped me.  Now I'm pain free and go in once a month for wellness adjustments.  His staff will hook you up with appointments, Julie is the best.  Love this place!

Dalene Hamer

Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis is Great, knowledgeable and caring.  He treated the huge muscle knots in my upper back with trigger point therapy.  He taught me exercises to do on my own to maintain the corrected, pain-free posture.  I'm really happy I found him.  Thank you Dr Bouwhuis!

Ellen B.

I was having no success in relieving my lower back pain and had tried many things.  It was suggested that I see Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis, DC the chiropractor at Therapy Solutions.  He did some chiropractic manipulations, but the must important thing he did was to teach me the importance of decompression and introduce me to the "Back Bubble."  I decompress every day for ten minutes and it has made a great difference in alleviating my lower back pain.  I would recommend seeing Dr Dustin if you have a similar problem.

Harry Robinson

Dear Prospective Client,

I started seeing Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis at Therapy Solutions because I had an acute injury to my lower back that was extremely painful.  I was very scared because I didn't like the idea of somebody cracking my back so when I got there I was skittish and told him so.

I said I didn't want him to crack anything and I wanted him to tell me everything he was going to do before he did it.  His office was great, he was very friendly and patiently explained every single thing that he was going to do before he did it. Dr. Dustin asked me a lot of questions about my injury and he also spent a lot of time educating me about my back, neck, etc. and how they work.  He took the time to listen to me and I never felt rushed...

I can tell he's very caring and doesn't just want clients to keep coming in but wants people to not be in pain and wants to help them get better.  Also, as an added bonus, Dr. Dustin started to work on my migraine headaches and helped considerably in making those less frequent and less severe.

I've been seeing Dr. Dustin for quite a while and within 3 weeks my back injury was probably 80 percent better and within 6 weeks it was completely gone! In addition, within the first two sessions I could tell that he was not going to hurt me.  I would recommend Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis and his business to anyone without any reservations.  In fact I already have recommended him to many of my friends.  Dr. Dustin runs a great practice and his assistant Julie is wonderful too.  I can't say enough good things about them.


Janet Murr

Janet Murr

I’m really happy as well that Dr. Bouwhuis has helped fix my daughter’s posture and soccer injuries. He has really helped my family stay active!

Maureen Irha

Bon Jour Dr. Bouwhuis,

Completed Paris Marathon in 4:53.  Not my best time, but not my worst.  No problems with Achilles Tendon, but did cultivate a couple of toe blisters.  Thanks for all your help getting me in running condition.

Phil Williams: Paris Marathon 2013

Dr B. has saved me! I was having pain down my right arm and an acupuncturist told me I needed an MRI and traction work due to nerve interference. Not having insurance I called my former chiropractic office to see if they could help, Dr B. bought the practice and does traction work. He worked treatment within my budget with some home care and two weeks later I am pain free! And save a ton! Office is easy to get to, super friendly, always on time and conscious of your needs and budget, would absolutely recommend to anyone with chiropractic needs!

Ronny R.

Thank you for all of your dedication this last season, what a fantastic 2010. Not only do I want to thank you for your commitment and ability to keep my body rejuvenated and injury free but also, your support, motivation, and at times soothing words of advice. You were an awesome advantage and I look forward to another promising season in 2011.

Ryan Mariano

This place is amazing! Both Dr. Bouwhuis and the wonderful front desk receptionist are super friendly and informative. Even if I just came by for a drop in they'd squeeze me in.  I always felt amazing when I left.  I gave my husband a gift certificate for a massage and he said the masseuse Deb did a great job.

Stacey N.

Dr. Dustin Bouwhuis is an excellent chiropractor.  I arrived in his Solana Beach office in the summer of 2011 with gnawing back pain and an xray of my spine.  In a few short weeks, I was feeling terrific.  My back pain had subsided and I started to play golf and tennis again, free of pain.  I still see him once a week for adjustments.  I would highly recommend anyone experiencing back pain to visit Dr Bouwhuis. I was taught stretches and exercises to do on my own and couldn't be happier with the chiropractic care I receive.  

Thank you Dr. Bouwhuis.

Winston Guest